I am a summer child, both by birth and by preference. I LOVE summer and I miss its warm days and soft evenings. At this time of year, when the ground is frozen, I often feel very shut off from nature and yearn for my chosen season, where the world seems so alive with growth […]

We Matter Now

“She tried so hard to make everyone happy, but she realised she was forgetting some, herself”. unkown A call to all Caregivers and Healers everywhere, please believe me when I say, “We Matter Now”. How often have you done it? How often have you pushed your own dreams and desires into some future unknown time […]

Holly Jolly? 3 ways to help you survive the holidays!

Christmas is a pretty loaded season; whether good or bad we seem to carry a lot of baggage around this Festive time of year. It can feel like we are weighed down by loads of expectation and anxiety and fun and fear and giving and competing.  I know this year is an especially daunting one […]

Joyfully Imperfect

“Perfectionism is the ultimate fear… People who are walking around as perfectionists… They are ultimately afraid that the world is going to see them for who they really are and they won’t measure up.” – Oprah   In this current phase of my life, I am choosing to focus on being present over being perfect. I […]

Apatite – The Goal Achiever

When adulting is too hard and you need to clear any mental or emotion fog, it is time to introduce Apatite into your collection. This little beauty can assist you to find satisfaction, motivation, and inspiration. Apatite is great for assistance in balancing out the desire to follow and manifest our dreams while also meeting […]

Moonstone – “Talisman of the Inward Journey”

  The first stone I ever fell madly in love with was Moonstone, something about her always spoke right to my heart. I’ve always been drawn into the secrets that each piece hides until they are caught and reflected in the light. Moonstone has been revered as a magic talisman for centuries and has been […]

What is Hot Yoga?

What is Hot Yoga like at Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness you Ask?   We only heat our practice space to 34’C with Far-Infrared ceiling panels, we are 25% ‘cooler’ than traditional hot yoga studios. We prefer our guests to flow, not faint. Far-infrared heat is similar to the sun’s rays but is NOT like […]

Pink Shirt Day

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr. Seus All of those formative years through school I met my fair share of bullies and was bullied a lot when I was growing up. I was different and didn’t quite fit in. I was a hyperactive short […]

Parasympathetic What?

Parasympathetic What?  Every once in a while a new term seems to wiggle its way into our collective consciousness; a term that we’ve never heard before suddenly starts to appear everywhere.  Most recently I’ve begun to hear about the “Parasympathetic Nervous System”, very sciencey I know and not something I had heard at all up […]