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Julia believes that movement is medicine, and is dedicated to gaining as much knowledge and experience as she can to share with her students. Her love for yoga was sparked in Vancouver in 2006, where she practiced yoga with a variety of inspiring and knowledgeable teachers. She went on to complete her first 200hr teacher training in 2009, as well as advanced training with Yoga Medicine from 2016.

In Julia’s classes, you’ll find embodied flow, heart intention, joy, truth, connection, and devotion. With encouragement and compassion, she guides her students in mindful movement within creative flow sequences. This mindful approach brings a deeper awareness of body and breath, thereby calming and balancing the nervous system and allowing for optimal mental clarity, physical health and all over wellbeing.

www.goddessglowsociety.com – Julia’s schedule

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Thai Massage and Reiki 

My yoga journey began in 2006, where I practiced with a variety of inspiring and knowledgeable teachers in Vancouver. This led me to complete my 200hr YTT with Frog Lotus Yoga in 2009, as well as advanced YTT’s with Yoga Medicine from 2016. After my first YTT, I took the time to develop my home practice and teaching skills. I then moved to the south coast of England in 2013 where I began teaching on a full-time basis; group classes, working one on one with students and Thai massage clients, as well as running workshops and retreats.

I’m a big fan of self-inquiry, and often encourage my students to explore a deeper level, observing what is beneath the surface. Every subtle shift within the framework of an asana is an opportunity for investigation. Not just into the physical form and physiological response, but also in observing the mental and emotional reaction to that form.

In my class, you can expect; Creative embodied flow. Heart Intention. Joy. Truth. Devotion. Encouragement and compassion. We rise to the challenges, rooted, with an underlying sense of ease. We flow, at times slow, always with deep awareness and introspection.

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